Hi there,

Signed up today due to a sales programm where the advisor told me to do so.

I'm amazed how Pipedrive lacks features I thought where basic and that I benefit from in Zoho CRM.

One of them is to treat events differently than tasks. Events are in my Google Calendar. They are how I spend my time: meetings, piano, sport, etc. Tasks have to be done but not necessarily at the time I planned them.
But since I activated calendar sync in Pipedrive, all my calendar events are now tasks in Pipedrive. This means I need to check all of them in order for Pipedrive not to tell me I've got things to do. What a waste of time and energy!! What's the point?

I'm so amazed, I wouldn't think I'm the first to suffer from this behaviour.

Now I'm going to deactivate calendar sync but then I will probably lose something else I don't realize yet.