it would be great to have a few additional fields for inserting in email templates. For the start:

  1. The ID of the Deal - could be for example used in the subject line of an e-mail;
  2. The URL (link) to the deal - so it can be inserted as a link.

There are already a lot more (than in Email templates) fields available in the "Workflow automation" -> "Send email" action, so this shouldn't be hard to implement, but in both places (Email templates and Workflow automation Send Email) the Deal URL is missing as a clickable link.

It would be great to have this in both places because in the Send email action (Workflow automation) when I try to use the prefix "https://contosocom.pipedrive.com/deal/" together with the field [Deal ID] the sent email will not have a clickable link containg the [Deal ID] part, only the "https://contosocom.pipedrive.com/deal/" part is clickable, which makes no sense.