Hello @Amit Sarda @Marcelo Silva  @Shobhit Gaur @Mike van der Valk @Almonzer I wrote all of you because I am interested in your feedback.  Maybe I am doing something wrong. 

Hi, I decided to give another to the leads function,  as a concept it could be really helpful to manage real opportunities and avoid having a big pipeline. Although I like the idea of leads and understand the logic of it, in my humble opinion I still think it needs more work to process a large amount of information. 

Please do not misunderstand me if you have a small number of leads, you can have control of them relatively easily. The problem is when you have a lot of information. 

When sales teams have to qualify a lead to see if there is potential or not only 30% of the time an executive can talk on the first call to the person who is indicated in the lead.

This means that the executive has to make a second or third call and maybe one or two more emails. (if not more)

Managing these touches is where the leads function gets very small. Currently, leads do not allow you to see in a snapshot of how many calls or touches this lead has. 

The executive does not know If it is time to kill the lead?
What are the activities you finished today?

All the information appears on one screen if you want to know more detail then you have to go inside and see the story. 

If you have a large number of leads, the sales executive can lose control very, very easily. 

I understand that by nature the time a lead should be given is short, however, if you have to make consecutive calls or emails that involve a little more follow up that's where the lead function loses its attractive 

I am giving you this feedback because we had a webinar and decided to export all our attendees to reach out to them. It was more than 400 leads, it is a lot of information. 

In order to solve this, we decide to import all those leads just as contacts. The contacts list view gives you much more functionality and visibility than the leads. 

Have you ever experience the same of is this just me?