I'd like to see as many data fields available for mapping and integrating as possible. For instance, webforms newest update opened up more available data, like Expected Close Date. That was a big one for me since I was using a custom field to capture the event dates then add that date to the Expected Close Date. With webforms I can now capture the expected close date creating less work and less room for error. Making this change means going through all of my workflows, automations and templates, making the adjustments, not to mention updating my SOP with the minor details. So, after much of the footwork was completed, I went to update my email templates only to learn that Expected Close Date will not map!!! What? Why?ย 

So the customer service team did a great job in the customer service side of things but I was told to use a workaround...I already was using a workaround, and I was informed there is nothing on the horizon for adding Expected Close Date to the field mapping for email templates. I also do not appreciate being spoken too like a robot. I want to speak with real people who totally understand my position. Lip service does not change my predicament.ย 

Fellow users, please respond and like my message so Pipedrive will take notice of it and perhaps do something about it. In fact, can't they just make all fields available across the platform so I can find new and interesting ways to take advantage of such a robust CRM?!ย