Hello Pipedrive Team,

Just wanted to reiterate my proposition to create a column "First activity date" for the deals filters. I proposed this a year ago already.

All the inbound leads coming from our website are automatically and immediately integrated to Pipedrive. It creates a deal in the first stage of the Pipeline.

Replying fast to a warm lead is a very very important factor in the win rate. Calling someone in 5 minutes. 1 hour or 1 day makes a HUGE difference (I don't need to explain you this). 

For this reason, it is very very important to track this very closely and challenge our teams. The only way I see to do this would be to check the time difference between deal creation date/time and first activity date/time. Correct me if I am wrong, but "First activity date/time" doesn't exist yet (?)

Do you plan to have this feature at some point? Would be great to know if somehow your product managers have this in the development pipeline or if they have thought about it before. 
If yes, to have an estimation when it could be delivered. 

I am surprised that you don't have this field already. I can't be the only one asking you for this. 

Perlin - JamesEdition.com