Hi - new to this...

Was asking the help desk what the font and font size pipedrive uses for its emails and auto-populated fields  (Open sans/14  for mac,  Arial/14 for windows) so our email templates can be made outside of pipedrive and copied in (can't make them in pipedrive because can't even make text different size or colour etc).


Thought that if we used that font and size, then we could paste it in and the auto generated fields such as name etc would all match in because it was all the same font/size in that sentence.


Turns out that not only is that not the case, even emails pasted into templates without any autopopulated fields but with say, a larger heading or different coloured text cant be trusted to look as we expect/ they do on our screen in pipedrive - they could arrive with weird formatting in our prospects inbox :-( 


"As Pipedrive do not support formatting in the e-mails we cannot assure that the  e-mails will not be sent in with a weird formatting." 


- any work around for this so our emails can at least have a coloured or different sized heading etc?

Any workarounds?

Also would that be the same when sending them via outfunnel templates?