Let's suppose a created a deal called ABC in Sep 2019. This deal was changed to Negotation Started in December, 2nd 2019 and WON in February,3rd 2020.

f I go to Insights (Beta), in the FUNNEL CONVERSION chart, with dates between 2-Feb and 7-Feb, I see ABC accounted in all bars: "Lead In", "Contact Made", ..., "Proposal Made", "WON". Although it is true that ABC was won between Feb 2 and Feb 7, it is not true that BMC was moved to Contact Made between Feb 2 and Feb 7.

Pipedrive does that: since that ABC was won in Feb 3rd, it appears in the WON bar, but it is also accounted in the other bars as well (example: Contact Made) because this Funnel Conversion is CONSIDERING ONLY DEALS WON or LOST between those FEB 2 and FEB 7. Is that correct?

I need a different kind of Funnel Conversion chart: in the Contact Made bar, only the deals converted to Contact Made between Feb 2 and Feb 7; in Proposal Made, only the deals onverted to Proposal Made between Feb 2 and Feb 7; and so on...

How can I obtain a chart like this?