Dear Pipedrivers,

Our creative and storytelling company has used now sometime PD more like a project managing tool. So to say track our projects/productions - in different stages from bidding to on-line approvals and final invoicing.

We also use Google g-suite to organize and create our production agreements and budgets. For that we use folder system for each project and of course templates which we have created.

Now my question is how to help daily business to automatize our workflow from PD to Google g-suite.

I am seeking an automation that works as follows:

1. Create a new deal in PD, start filling needed info for the deal.
2. Step one creates a new folder into the google drive - named by new deal just created in PD (number-projectname).
3. In google drive, in docs there is an agreement template which gets its needed data from PD (names, €, contacts, timetables etc...). So to say - I dont have to write them again into the contract but they are taken from Pipedrive deal.
4. Google drive - sheets - Pipedrive deal. And same kind of system with our budgeting template in sheets.

And my question is what is the best tool for this - and where I might find on-line consultancy to help me with integration/automation.

Thx in advance.