I really would like to switch over from our existing CRM (close) to Pipedrive.

The way we are used to work with the Google email + calendar sync is this:

  • whenever an email is sent or received in Google and matches a contact's email address, it is automatically synchronized with the CRM and assigned to that contact in the "communication" part.
  • as that contact is associated with a deal, that email will also appear in the deal communication history
  • any other emails are NOT synchronized with the CRM, as they do not belong there and we do not want to replace our current Google inbox, but only the lead part of it.

This email part, with a workaround, seems to work. It only works by restricting the email sync to a specific label ("sent"), and will only start syncing the emails once you've sent an email to them, not if they would start the conversation. Ok - not great - but doable for us this way.

Now we have product demos, alignment calls and other pre-sales activities with these leads (Deals, in Pipedrive). We plan them using our Google Calendar and Zoom plugins, among others. The expected behaviour would be that the calendar sync goes through the calendar and takes these meetings that match the above described contact's email addresses and, similar to the emails, assign them automatically to the contact and therefore also to the Deal, so we see what are the upcoming meetings within a deal.

This part, I was told by support, is not working that way. I will have to go to my activity, and every time assign these meetings manually to Deals instead. 

Is that really true? I mean, this is such a basic feature, that I almost cannot believe it is this way? Can a product manager answer that question?