The group email only allows us to send to 100 contacts at a time. If there are 250 contacts we will only be allowed to send a group email to 100 contacts but after this is completed we will have to individually click the next 100, and again a third time for the last 50. 


Why not code it so that it allows us to send it in batches of 100, instead of 100 only? The way it should function is after your first 100 emails are sent it automatically asks you if you want to send to the next 100, and then again the last 50.  (based on 250 contacts in the list)


We shouldn't have to be told to make yet another list to break it down even further. Once you are dealing with 1,000+ contacts you will ultimately create more work for yourself with workarounds, list creation/management, etc. Whereas a simple batch funnel would save us all a ton of time and make your email system work properly.