Hi all, 

We are hurting for a solution for customer service.  I love pipedrive for putting prospects through sales and order fulfillment processes.  After they become customers, they call in needing technical support.  Our equipment is large and expensive, and we only have around 400 customers to manage, all identified by a 4 digit job #.  We have 15 employees, around 4 that do support by phone and email.  We don't have service techs that go out in the field, all problems are easily solved by our customers.  Right now the left hand isn't talking to the right hand, nothing is being tracked, people aren't getting billed when they should be.

*whomever answers the phone pulls up the profile by job #, logs the problem, can refer to a saved document that shows specs on the customer's piece of equipment and install details.  They can keep the ticket open and/or assign it to an engineer for help.
*we need to be able to see that the customer still needs help, or close it out once it's resolved
*we need to bill for things that need billed (regular support, after hours, etc) - so send an invoice or send to the guy who should do the invoice.  We use quickbooks right now.
*we need to be able to see the history of support.  If they've called about the same thing 20 times, we want to have the discretion to charge them.  If they have a new poorly trained operator every two weeks, we need to charge them and recommend they get proper training.
*I'd love to see what common problems there are - if we've gotten 50 calls about an error code, maybe a change in wording needs to be made.  This isn't crucial.

Is there an app?  Or is there a completely different program that works well alongside pipedrive?  We considered Netsuite but it's too expensive for us right now.  We might have to move everything to salesforce.  We'd love to stay with PD but are lost on the internet right now trying to find a solution.  Thanks in advance for any help!