We have two distinctly different sales channels:

  • Direct Sales - we manage the entire relationship with the customer. Managed by our Direct Sales Representatives.
  • Channel Sales - channel partners manage the relationship with the customer. Both the relationship with the channel partners and, frequently, participation with those end-users are managed by our Channel Sales Managers.

The data we want to collect, track and manage is different for each channel. Optimizing  with custom fields for both types of channels gives a ton of irrelevant data for both. I've investigated Zoho CRM and they have an elegant way of covering this with layout templates based on account type. Pipedrive does not offer this - nor does it allow to "hide" fields (custom of system) based on role. One size does not fit all the way the system works today.

So how do I cover this in Pipedrive?

  • Should I conclude Pipedrive is not the solution for mixed direct and channel sales and look at alternatives?
  • Should I consider setting up two companies under one account and optimize each for purpose
  • In that case, how do I then handle the inevitable accounts that need "shared" viewing? is there a license model that allows main licenses for users in their own company - and no-cost "view" licenses for the other?
  • How do others manage mixed channel environments?