We win large projects which run across several months. We're looking for help on how to forecast these projects by month across their lifetime.

As an example:

We win a contract with a chain of fast food restaurants for the supply of all their tables and chairs. The contract is estimated at £1m for 2021 but it is spread across 1300 restaurants throughout Europe. Each venue constitutes an individual quote to be won and delivered. The contract runs from 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2021. 

Questions and challenges: 

  • From a forecasting point of view, is there a way to input a start and end date of the contract, so that in our Forecast view on our Pipeline, the value is spread across the relevant months and quarters?
  • We don't want to add individual deals for each restaurant we win and invoice. We will run a report at the end of every month on what we have won & delivered from our invoicing system, and we would like a way to scale that off the original 1m deal on Pipedrive. The challenge would also be to still show the value of that deal / contract as £1m on Pipedrive, rather than it getting smaller month-by-month as we scale off the amount we have delivered. Any ideas?
  • To add to the challenge, although we win the contract as an international team, the individual restaurant quotes are raised, won, and delivered by our regional teams. So our team in France will quote for and deliver all the French restaurants; Italian team for Italian restaurants; etc. We have a pipeline per region, and these values will need to be reflected in their pipelines.

I guess what we are asking for is a way to show a parent deal for the big £1m contract, and creating a child deal at the end of each month for the value we have won that month, by country. So if in April we deliver 100k in France and 50k in the UK, we would like to create a deal for those 2 amounts shown in their pipelines for April, which pull off the original £1m contract.

Be glad of your suggestions! If anything is unclear please ask in the comments and I'll reply there. Thank you!