I love that Pipedrive is an activity-based CRM. I am truly a big fan of it... but but but. 
Right now the sales rep of Pipedrive can lose sight of the specific outcomes they most get  in order to move the deal forward

It is fantastic that we could have a pipeline view at every stage, but what are the outcomes that the sales rep needs to get in order to move the deal forward?

If those outcomes are not visible guess what happens... People could get lost in activity completion,
Sales rep more than ever need to make decisions on every deal (not the sales manager, the sales rep) 

It would be great and fantastic if we could get below the pipeline a part with checkboxes of the outcome that the sales rep needs to get at that specific stage to keep moving the deal forward. If any or all of them are completed (depending on the manager's point of view) automatically the deal Is moved to the next stage. 

Additionally, the sales rep needs to be aware of all the activities they have already placed on a specific deal.  Why leave this information at the button of the left in the deals section where the sales rape rarely sees it. 

This would help the manager and the sales rep to be more focused



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