One feature that is becoming more and more relevant and attractive to customers is the email templates. Especially when combined with workflow automation, they're magic and of great value to customers. We have several customers for whom this is a game changer, since their sales teams are accustomed to managing their sales inside Outlook (which is obviously not a sales management tool) - and now, with built-in emails and templates, they have the complete suite to transition them to a proper sales management tool (and automations to support it).

The problem we're facing, which becomes more and more severe, is that pipedrive's emails do not support RTL (right to left) and Hebrew is an RTL language.

This means that emails sent from pipedrive are left-aligned instead of right-aligned, combining Hebrew characters with English ones or numerals totally screws up the order of words and effectively, the emails and templates are of no use to many customers (just due to this technical RTL issue). I tried placing HTML code in the emails but they do not support it.

Some customers are becoming so frustrated that they are thinking of giving up pipedrive altogether - basically saying that if their sales people revert back to Outlook and don't work inside pipedrive consistently, they might as well revert back to using Excel... it's frustrating to all sides and it's costing us clients.

Has anyone tackled problems like this and managed to solve them? I can't blame our clients for demanding a complete suite of tools (especially for such basic and important functionality as email) but I'm stuck on providing them with a solution quickly...