Regular users need only see their own deals. They should not be able to access other users' deals.

However, we do want them to see that a deal on another user *exists* - without seeing its details.

Where is this useful?

Imagine you have a call center with 10 sales reps. A prospect calls, speaks to Salesperson Joe who opens a deal for him. The prospect enters followup stages and does not close the deal on the first call.

The prospect calls again tomorrow - this time Salesperson Sam picks up. Sam sees that no deal exists for the prospect (he cannot access the deal Joe opened nor that such a deal even exists) and opens a new deal - now we have a duplicate!

Instead what would've been best is Sam seeing that there's a deal under Joe's name but not being able to see its details.

Anyone encountered this problem? If so, how did you solve it?

Thanks :-)