Back in 2011 (!) when I used Salesforce I created these graphs for each region (it took 20 mins per graph max) and this was the first thing I looked at every work day. I managed my marketing team and our lead gen activities by it, as I could see: what was working in my campaigns, which campaigns brought in the most leads, what percentage of opportunities in the pipeline were influenced by which campaigns, which campaigns had the highest opportunity values. Basically it was ROI for marketing. I could set my budget and campaign priorities and activities based on experience. I'm really confused and disappointed that this isn't in Pipedrive, can you please add graph capabilities for leads? I've been told the other option is to add a connection to Google Data Studios, but that seems over the top for my requirements. You have other dashboard capabilities already, but just not for leads and lead source. I can attach graphs only to a customer service agent, as they are obviously confidential.