1) Automation.

*Automatic follow-up emails when a deal goes ''rotten'' in a specific stage.

*Automate the creation of contracts (taking data from the deal and creating PDF from the template) and automate sending the contract with extra information to clients email.

2) Make a portal (on company home page, currently running on Squarespace), where the client would

*Be able to upload documents and files to the deal

*See the stage, in which stage their deal is in (with extra information, what will happen at this stage).

3) Pipedirve. How to ''zoom in'' the pipeline on the dashboard, ''hide'' specific stages on the dashboard or make a second pipeline, where all the deals would go, which are reaching a specific stage in the first pipeline. The problem is, that right now we basically have 2 almost independent departments, first is reaching out to the client, consulting and organising all the paperwork, creating documents etc., the second department is providing the service. Right now we are having 12 stages but would like to add a couple more. With 300+ deals (and increasing fast) things are becoming cluttered.

4) Platinum

Is it possible to have different ''seats'' on different plans? As a team leader I would be really interested in revenue forecasting, but cannot financially justify the enormous price increase, from 29€ to 75€ per seat per month. No need for SAML and phone support.

5) Search!

When are the custom fields going to be searchable? Going to the ''list view'' and cmd + F takes time. Also really need to search by Deal ID on mobile app.