I heard about Pipedrive from a business developper we recruited a while back, and from some other sources, but it was really about managing our contacts to the retailers we are trying to recruit to be a part of our ecosystem.ย 

Since I work in a startup, most of us wear at least 2 hats. The one I'm wearing tonight to write this little post is that of a fundraiser. I used to be a Salesforce Admin and I know my way round Cloud-based relational databases and I was pretty certain I could use Pipedrive to monitor the progress of my fundraising efforts. Indeed, it worked, and how!ย 

I really like how flexible this tool is... I still have to try the more advanced stuff such as using Zapier to bring streams into the dbase (I don't even know if this is possible, I just happen to use that logic a lot for other purposes). Anyway, it really is a very good tool, with no steep learning curve. It's actually even enjoyable ! So, well done guys!