Allowing users to input fields on the front-end which get passed through to Pipedrive deal fields is great.

However, defining “hidden fields” on the back end which we can populate with data would increase the value of Web Forms massively and would make it a no-brainer subscription for us.

For example, if we have a web form on the product section of our website which is on a specific landing page where we’re driving traffic from a Facebook campaign, there are two fields which we need to record: Product type: [product], and Lead Source: Facebook. It wouldn’t make sense for us to ask the user for these details, so it would be good if we could pre-define the forms with this data so that it’s captured automatically and can be used for reports, etc.

I and several other marketing companies I work with currently achieve this with Contact Form 7, but it’s messy and would be amazing if we could do it with Pipedrive and consolidate/streamline within the CRM itself.