Does anyone else have problems managing clients brands? ... 

Example: a client represents or is the licensee of several international brands, each of them has particularities (different web, facebook, instagram, sales, etc., even brand managers, product owners -), but this brands are not an independent company (as to create them as an organization), they are just brands, therefore their employees belong to the corporate (corporate mail, corporate position, etc.) ... how do they solve it?

There are even companies in which a brand manager is in charge of 1, 2 or brands ... and to complicate matters further, if the company is large, on our part we could have salespeople who attend different brands within a company

I've managed to do a few patches, but I've had to force the Pipedrive logic ... I would like to know if someone else has this requirement and how to solve it.

Of course, one option is to create each brand as an independent organization and link them, but it doesn't seem natural to me, the integrity of the information is lost.

Thank you!cc @Mike van der Valk @Inês Batata