Current Client Pipeline Management?
Current Client Stages?

I love Pipedrive have used it for 2 years. I am a busy Sales consultant and when I have a few moments I am calling Sales Opportunities or Keeping and Expanding Current Clients.

It’s going well but I want my clients who use Pipedrive to be able to Retain and Keep their clients.

What are the stages you have set up to manage current clients?

New Client Onboarding
Coaching Session 1 Set
Coaching Session 1 Held (see Example below)
Coaching Session 2 Set
Coaching Session 2 Held
Successful Transition To Mastery
Client Review 1 Held
Client Review 2 Held
Client Review 3 Held
Client Review 4 Held


Another Example:
How would you map these stages of growing accounts?

New Accounts
D Accounts -
C Accounts -
B Accounts -
A Accounts -

Existing Accounts
A Group - 100 Month Orders
[] Weekly - Touch Call
[] Monthly - Client Review Appointment Held

B Group - 50 Month Orders
[] Twice a Month - Touch Call
[] 45 Day – Client Review Appointment Held

C Group - 25 Month Orders
[] Once a Month - Touch
[] 60 Day – Client Review Appointment Held

D Group - 10 Month Orders
[] 6 Week – Touch Call
[] Quarterly – Client Review Appointment Held