Hi, I am looking for solutions how to track campaigns. I really like group emails from PD - I set the case:

So far I have organisation labeled as customer, etc. - I want to send all of my customers some new study or some limited offer for some consulting service:

what I do: I filter persons based on criteria, create custom field, label the one I want to address and send a group email - after that, in a week, I go back, read the answers, create custom field "response" and label them again based on the response - this is not great and time consuming

what I need: 

I need to work much more with these campaigns - to have some overview for reporting in time - 
I need to get info how this specific campaign was effective - who responded, which company responded, who clicked on the emails, what was the reaction

is there any integration, how to do it and still keep sending it by using group emails in PD?