Our company deals with both startups and corporates. You can imagine that we want to collect different information from startups than we want to from our corporate clients. E.g. when I add a new startup to our Pipedrive, I only want the startup customised fields to show up, and vice versa.

I know Pipedrive is working on the idea of having different customised fields when adding a deal to a specific Pipeline. However, they are not working on having additional types of organizations.

Currently, we just have all fields for both startups and corporates appear when adding a new organization, with a little (S) behind the startup-related fields. However, that obviously doesn't look clean and my team loses the overview when adding new organisations to Pipedrive (and therefore they forget to fill out critical fields).

Are there any other people out there who would be interested in this? Perhaps that might trigger Pipedrive to discuss this internally.