Now that I have spent months implementing it, I see that you regularly make interesting improvements (nice to have) to Pipedrive, but discard the most basic ones (must have) ?!

Consider this :

I'm in real estate and let's say I have 3 simple processes :

- 1 for managing listing generation

- 1 for managing buyer generation

- 1 for managing recruitment

In each of these processes, I need some (let's say 5-10) dedicated custom fields, which pertain only to that process and help know the people we are working with to improve conversions.

> When encoding a new listing lead (deal), I don't want to be presented with buyer fields or recruitment fields

> When working with a recruitment lead (deal), I want to see all information for that lead, I don't want to scroll 3 pages down to see informations for that recruitment deal

This looks a simple improvement to make (<cough>) and so badly needed to use Pipedrive seriously.

I feel like I can drive that powerful Ferrari car, except there's only 3 wheels.