I am struggling with creating a process for lead calling, since the leads module does not have automations or custom fields I am stuck using the deals module. SO I have created automated task generations of "call 1" 2,3, etc. and then created a zapier to remove those calls if the lead has a disposition of "appointment set" etc. 


Its a mess.. I have so many automations I cant keep them cleaned up and now I have fields being randomly updated and I think its being caused by a n automation.


Does anyone have any sort of mechanisim or idea on how to create a call center for OUTBOUND sales.

All the tools I have found live in the inbound sales arena, and cannot update custom fields. WIthout these tools ability to update "call stage" there is no way for me to build a pipeline. 


I need to know:


How many calls to make today

How many calls to make tomorrow

How many calls to make Three days from now


and using filters based on custom field is the best way I can come up with.. 

but, if the status is updated to "call 2 needed" and it shows on the filtered pane for "call 2 needed" theres nothing to prevent the user from calling them again the same day. Assuming the caller goes through all their call one calls, and then moves on to call 2 calls...


Just call has the closest thing to a solution with their "reattempt" rules, but you have to upload the contacts manually to their call center and then you are stuck trying to sort them in PD again...