I noticed quite a significant bug in your import function.  When i import and update names from excel (which i regularly do) using the pipedrive system ID and also 'first name' and 'last name' as separate columns, the system still seems to mix up the names randomly.  The issue occurs very often when there's more than one first name or a last name composed of 2 or more words. For example, i update from excel Person - First Name: "Jean-Francois" and Person - Last Name: "Van Boxmeer".  the updated first name in Pipedrive would become "Jean-Francois Van" en last name "Boxmeer". Very strange.  So i reported this to support who confirmed that it's a bug, but i have no idea now which priority it was given and how long it will take to fix ? Please let me know, It's of course crucial to get names right in a CRM. 

Otherwise keep up the good work we just changed to Pipedrive from another tool, we are quite impressed so far.  Cheers, Vincent