The use of Required Fields was a nice addition to the Important Fields that was rolled out a year or so ago. BUT, I've found a big downside:

Important fields were great because it showed the user in the details sidebar what fields they need to fill out. I used that as a visual reminder because "Required" fields weren't available yet. NOW, required fields prevent a deal from being moved to a stage that meet the rules for having particular field(s) filled out. BUT, I have no way of showing the user what fields are "IMPORTANT" and need to be filled out before they move to the next Stage. 

In the past, the "IMPORTANT" fields displayed prominently in the sidebar when it met the Pipeline and/or Stage requirements I defined. We would like to be able to do this again. Have the fields be marked as "IMPORTANT" in the stages before being moved over so the user knows they must be filled out, then force the "REQUIRED" pop-up and prevent the deal from being moved just as it works now.

What is happening now is the "IMPORTANT" field rules are ignored when "REQUIRED" is enabled. So close!!