Hi all 


I'm learning how to use Pipedrive and one critical thing in my business is sending direct mail marketing and cold calling.


Let's say I have a apartment building (deal) owned by an LLC, "123 Main St. LLC"  (the organization) and the mailing address is 1122 Ocean View Los Angeles, CA

I've been able to identify two owners of the property who own the LLC

  • John Smith - his home address is 9999 Sunset Los Angeles, CA
  • Jane Doe - her home address is 3333 Mountain View Los Angeles, CA

I would like to be able to export this information and send direct mail marketing to all three addresses for the single deal located at 123 Main St. I bet most people prospecting are only contacting the property's mailing address and not the home addresses as well

My questions:

  1. First of all, is it recommended for the mailing address of the property to sit on the organization or on the deal level?
  2. Second, I can only add one person to a deal/organization... this is challenging because often there are multiple owners on each property. So it sounds like Jane Doe would be a participant. I am trying to figure out the best way to do direct mail from Pipedrive but found Postalytics can be used to do automated mailing... which is great (so I wouldn't have to export then manually upload lists). Would I be able to either (1) send the data of all three people's mailing address to be mailed using Postalytics or (2) Export a custom view that included the deal, organization, person, AND participants? One thing to note, i would need to make sure the first & last name, and mailing address, city, state, zip are all in separate fields if I had to export.

I haven't found many solutions online of people using PipeDrive for real estate investors/agents, but would love to try.

Edit: I've come across another issue.

The Zapier connection requires the following fields: Postalytics Drip Campaign, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, ZIP

So there could be more use cases I'm trying to figure out:

  1. An owner(s) owns a property where the mailing address is the same as the property address (for instance, Mary and Joe Doe at their home SFR address)
  2. An owner(s) owns a property where the mailing address is different than the property
    1. Owned in a LLC
    2. Owned indivdually (i.e. a second home or rental property)
    3. Additionally, the owners have different home addresses separate from the mailing address (i.e. if the mailing address is a corporate office

So i'm trying to think through, do I use the Deal, Person, or Organization address fields? There could be situations where an individual owns a property, so would you create an organization AND person data type for that owner? Since there could be other LLC owners as well?

I've now confused myself! Yikes.. anyways happy to chat and hear any feedback.