Hey there!

I just recently started using the insights feature and ran across a few problems I couldn't find a solution for. Hoping that someone may have a solution or hint for me.
I set up a rather basisc report. It shows me the number of deals that went into the different stages of one of my pipelines in a given timeframe. 

1) I used "Measure by number of deals" and "view by stage entered". As a next step I wanted to segment it by the owner of the deal. However the segment by option is greyed out. I generally feel that the "segment by" option is not available most of the time. Is there anything I can do about it?

2) I want to only show certain stages in the report. When I tried to add a condition based on Stage I couldn't, as stage apparently  isn't one of the conditions I can filter by. To my understanding, stage isn't a customized but a standard field. Is there anything I need to activate first for it to show as a condition field?

3) I want to share a dashboard with other team members. So far I only found the "public link" option to do so. However, that won't allow them to select their own timeframe or user filters. They need that tho. Is there any other way to share dashboards that still allows them to set their own filters?