As outlined to Pipedrive previously, the FY / Fiscal Years are by default always US/Europe FY period (1 Jan to 31 Dec). Unfortunately, the rest of the world who have FY period being 1 Jul - 30 Jun, means that all other global users have to create custom dates for every single report and dashboard, and also limits the way data is shown.  The current Quarterly reporting and dashboards are misleading and data becomes completely redundant, even with selection of custom dates when creating reports as still showing up as US/Europe quarterly reporting periods.  

US/Europe Quarterly Reporting Periods

Q1 1 Jan-31 Mar

Q2 1 Ap-30 Jun 

Q3 1 Jul-30 Sept

Q4 1 Oct-31 Dec

OTHER COUNTRIES with different Quarterly Reporting periods - REPORTS NEED TO SHOW DATA FOR THESE PERIODS (not US/Europe Quarterly periods)

For all other countries, example in Australia, NZ and many Asian countries, the Quarterly reporting and fiscal periods are:

Q1 1 Jul-30 Sept

Q2 1 Oct-31 Dec

Q3 1 Jan-31 Mar

Q4 1 Apr-30 Jun

Hope this helps.