Maybe a dumb question but I am trying to learn more about Pipedrive's "Instant messenger" field. I tried to search Pipedrive Academy and help for additional information on how to use "Instant messenger" within Pipedrive but come up empty.ย 

About 8 out of 10 people I meet in person or online use Facebook Messenger as a primary texting tool, especially for people who do not have their cell phone number. I notice that Facebook Messenger is not one of the choices listed and I think that I understand that it would not be easy to add this as an option.ย 

For the other choices, either I do not know anyone who uses them or I do not even know what they mean. For example, Googling "QQ texting" does not give any useful insight into what Pipedrive means by using that term. For others like "Yahoo" I presume that if I don't know anyone who uses Yahoo then that Yahoo Instant Messenger tie-in feature is useless to me?ย 

Can anyone point to an instructional resource or an approach that might lead to a useful integration of this "Instant messenger" data field?