For three weeks, the idea of “selling with empathy” dominated discussions in sales management circles. That may have shifted late last week, as some sales executives I've talked to are encouraging their prospects to organize, decide and act to save (even grow) their businesses amidst the current economic shutdown.

In other words, despite the health conditions which we largely do not control, it’s time for businesses to decide how they are going to move forward.  How they are going to pivot and execute out of this situation.  And most importantly, how to prepare for the rebound and return of normal(ish) business conditions.

It's a message and approach that requires a consultative approach, whether you’re a Challenger fan or a Gap Seller or just a fan of leading with value as a trusted advisor. It requires, in some cases, pushing your prospect out of their comfort zone (even if that comfort zone currently is to hunker down).

So if yours is an essential business, if what you offer is key to helping your prospects and customers rebound quickly and successfully, how are you taking that approach to market?  Like, right now?