Hi all!

We're a real estate company that:

  • Buys property and rents it to tenants
  • Most of the time remodel it, for this we want to keep track of all the costs etc.
  • Want to keep track of total rent income, outstanding etc
  • Keep documents with our properties
  • Sent automated emails/reminders to tenants
  • Overview per property what we spend on it for remodelling, taxes and other financials, based on individual entries on a ledger for that property.
  • Have our mail conversations with tenants per property.

Is it possible to manage our property portfolio with Pipedrive? Or just the tenants part? This posts did not really give me and answer: https://www.pipedrive.com/en/resources/crm-real-estate

I ask this because my brother suggested to use PipeDrive because he uses it with the company he works at. My though it Pipedrive is more sales focussed but I hope I'm wrong and the above is all possible.

Kind regards, Boris!