I've noticed that when I'm digging and sourcing for leads, I often come across websites in foreign countries that have no e-mail address listed, but typically have a phone number.

So here is what I started to do.

1. I setup a sales pipeline with a cold leads stage at the front.

2. I then setup a google contact sync to a Pipedrive Leads group in my gContacts.

3. I synced my WhatsApp with my gContacts

4. Then after wards when starting to pull leads I'd add new deals with the person name as the same name as the shop, enter the phone number and any other information.

5. Sure enough, my new persons sync to gContacts, then gContacts syncs to WhatsApp phone numbers and starts pulling in the WhatsApp users who utilize that App to my contacts list with the same name as their shop.

I then send an introduction to the lead via WhatsApp and with about a 50% success rate generally get a decision maker. If I don't get a decision maker, I get a person who can get me an e-mail address to the decision maker and then make my pitch.

Just thought I'd share this experience with some of you guys in the groups, since Asia has quite a lot of users on the WhatsApp platform which they use for business, especially Southeast Asia.