Hello everyone!

DEAL, is the heart of Pipedrive! However to circulate the blood more efficiently LEAD needs to join DEAL as well! Let's talk business.

LEAD should have a design like DEAL, for example there should be PIPE defined for LEADs, in fact certain times you have at lease 3 to 4 stages for each lead.

Imagine I have integrated my website to Pipedrive. I am not able to show these LEADS in Lead section, but I have to put at the first pipe under Deal section! But why?

To recap :

  1. LEAD should have an interface similar to DEAL
  2. LEAD integration (from FB Ads, Website, LeadFeeder, etc) should always sit under LEAD, not DEAL
  3. You can manage LEADs as you can manage DEALs!

Feel free to email me at hosseinm@energybuster.com.au.

Stay safe and healthy!

Best regards,

Hoss (Hossein Mohsenian)