I would like to see more functionality, on an advanced tab.

I would like to see Lead Booster use "keyword" detection to answer questions.

I would like to see Leadbooster have a recommend products for e-commerce or services, so that sales can get closer to the sale.

I would also like to see a Facebook Messenger integration.

I would like to see an auto responder integration.

I would like to see a node based connection system.

I would like to see non linear drag and drop of those nodes.

  • What else?

Your going to integrate microsoft teams function - Great if Lead Booster could ask sales if they followed up, using email as a reminder, OR TEXT MESSAGE!

I would like to see lead booster have more than one pop up type animation

and have more than one area it can belong to on the page - such as anywhere you place the code, header, body, ect.



-------- If anyone has anymore ideas ---- post them, and do yourself a favor and vote this up, so we can let PipeDrive know we care about LeadBooster, love it, see it's potential and we want it to grow up, go to collage, and eventually earn us a great living. :)