We signed up for leadbooster at the beginning of the year with the promise that the ability to respond to leads with Pipedrive's email would be delivered by March.  

It is now nearly December and I still don't see the ability. 

We receive a lot of leads that will never turn into deals.  eg Enquiries etc.  At the moment we have to convert them into deals and then lookup the deal in order to be able to send an email (before closing the deal).  We must have the ability to open and send Pipedrive mail from the lead page (without first having to convert them to deals) All our standard templates are in Pipedrive.   

Lately we are immediately archiving any leads we cannot help customers with, simply because there are too many steps to respond to them within Pipedrive.  ... Not the way we like to deal with enquiries.  The problem is becoming so bad I am starting to doubt whether we should continue with LeadBooster or move to another chat bot (At the moment Leadbooster is almost like a separate application with poor integration into your main application). 

Common guys!  .. When we were evaluating LeadBooster we asked about this vital feature (we would not have subscribed to Leadbooster without your promise of it being delivered back in March) 

... Nearly December.  .. Please deliver this feature.  

I'm NOT HAPPY at all about your failure to deliver this feature 'as promised.'