The most asked-for addition to Leads is here: Custom Fields! It's live for all Pipedrive plans starting today (September 21st, 2020).


🤔  How does it work?

  • Create custom fields for Leads in Settings > Company > Data Fields > Lead/Deal
  • Add, change or delete the values in the fields
  • Editable types of custom fields (for now...): Text, Single-option, Multiple-option, Date, Numerical, Monetary, Large Text, Phone
  • Read-only types of custom fields (for now... ): Autocomplete, Person, Organization, Address, Date Range, Time, Time Range
  • Expand and collapse the Lead/Person/Organization custom fields inside the Lead detail
  • Bulk actions not available to edit custom fields at the moment, only the default Lead fields.
  • Mandatory field rules not available for Lead fields at the moment.


🔮 More to come:

  • All types of custom fields eligible for Leads
  • Specifying which custom fields you want to see in the Lead detail vs. Deal detail


Learn all about Custom Fields/Data Fields in our Knowledge Base and the Pipedrive Academy


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