We opened up the "LEAD" feature to 2 of our sales reps. Below is the feedback - some of it similar to what was already reported, other things came up when really diving into it as a user. 

Unfortunately, Pipedrive still doesn't publish or communicate some sort of roadmap so it's not quite clear to me if suggested are taken and implemented - or dismissed/disregarded. "We're working on this feature" is encouraging but not that specific. 

  1. Lead fields Person and Organization do not show the "auto-complete" function that used elsewhere. It seems you don't really find out about any duplicates (or items already entered as organization or person) when you're getting ready to convert. This lead to some confusion with the guys that tried it. Maybe this is something to get used to - but it did lead to confusion because it seemed the feature wasn't working correctly. 
  2. The "similar organization" works when you have 2 or 3 potential matches - but fails when you have 5+. We sell to manufacturing companies that often have 5-10-15 locations. it seems that Pipedrive returns random matches - even when entering the address, Pipedrive returns results that have a partial same name but that are different. 

    For instance: Sample Foods has 15+ manufacturing plants across the US. All called Sample Foods but with different addresses. It seems that as soon as the potential "similar organizations" are larger than 5, PD loses the ability to match accurately. We tried it many ways - add the full address, add the city to the name (so Sample Foods - Chicago) to "help" the match - but no go.
  3. If you have mandatory fields set in deals, organization and person (related to a pipeline stage, for instance) - the system doesn't prevent the conversion to take place. What it does do is list the mandatory fields in the sidebar with "please fill". That's contrary to the concept of MANDATORY fields. If a field is mandatory, I wouldn't want a user to be able to convert a lead unless the required DEAL, PERSON and ORGANIZATION fields are completed. 

    While the "PLEASE FILL" window is persistent on the left panel, it's behavior I expect from important fields, not for mandatory. Instead, I believe a dialog should be presented with the missing mandatory fields BEFORE the conversion is completed.
  4. If I have no person assigned to the lead (just organization) it lets me convert and creates a dummy user (in my case called 7083397300 person). In my opinion, this is a design problem. A lead should always have a person, as does a deal - and one could prevent this by allowing admins to designate some lead fields as mandatory. 

    Testing this some more, PD even lets me convert a lead to a deal without a person or an organization attached. This is highly undesirable and creates to a lot of data issues.  Again, the resolution could be to allow mandatory lead fields that allow an admin to require certain fields to be completed BEFORE conversion - and a hard stop if post-conversion mandatory fields are missing.
  5. Since the header bar for leads is different from filtered lists elsewhere, I cannot flexibly sort leads. Yes, I can filter - but this adds limitations to those fields for which filtering is available (activity type, for instance, isn't one of them). As an example, if I start my day with calling 10 leads, I want my leads sorted and filtered like that so I can dial one after the other.  I guess I am still confused why you left part of the system (filtered lists) that is one of the flexible highlights or Pipedrive for all objects and developed something completely different for Leads.  One of our users commented - "why doesn't it just work the same as filtering deals and organizations?". 
  6. We cannot select an option to pick a specific date and time for an activity, short of creating the activity with the current options (1hr, 3hr, tomorrow, next week") and then going to the activity and changing it. Why not allow "specific date/time" and get right to the activity creation dialog?

    I also don't care for "next week" meaning the exact same time as when the activity is created. I plan my day/week usually in the evening before the next day and using that logic, all my activities end up after-hours and need to be rescheduled. Just unnecessary extra work if you ask me.
  7. When using the regular ACTIVITY filtered lists (which we use a lot) we cannot select lead fields - other than the name (which to me is about the least relevant). No Lead Name, no Lead Person, no Lead Organization, no Lead Activity Type etc. If you don't want to migrate the Lead View to a regular filtered list, then at least let me manage the full extent of lead activities like any other activity?


On reviewing my notes, I realized I missed two things:

  1. Single note field & commenting - we can only add one note field and more importantly, we cannot add a comment to a note in this section. Commenting is turned on for our instance.