Dear Pipedrive development team,

When I'm adding a person who sent me an email as a contact, Pipedrive tries to infer the company name from the email domain. Although it's nice of Pipedrive to try and help me, unfortunately its help is... mostly useless.

First of all, it basically only works for "global" domains (1-part TLDs), such as those ended in ".com". Problem is, outside of the USA, nearly no email address ends with .com, as they usually have a country TLD (e.g. .br in Brazil). Thus, this is what happens most of times when I try to add an email sender as a new contact:

By simply stripping the last portion of the email domain - .br in the example above (1) - I end up with a name with is not even close to the company name (2).

And last but not least, even if it had properly stripped the domain (, instead of just .com), that's not how the customer's company name is spelled. Instead of "Abrhsp", it's called "ABRH-SP".

So, instead of trying to infer what's the company name based solely on its email domain, why not let me to map those domains to the companies. This way, the first time I add a company to Pipedrive you may ask me "What's the email domain (the portion after the @) for this company?"

The next time I add a contact with a matching email address, Pripedrive can promptly (and correctly) fill in the correct company.

BTW, many large companies may have different email addresses - due to e.g. M&A or international operations. Let me add more than one email domain to a single company.

And for those Pipedrive users that don't want (or don't know how) to manage that, nothing changes. Pipedrive would keep working as of today.

That'd be a real timesaver!