Dear Pipedrivers,

I guess we all are big fans of linked emails to our deals BUT I for example have couple clients with who we work on dozens of jobs over the year.

If I link the new emails related to a new deal to that new deal all my communications disappear from the previous deal!!! This is far from ideal.

My suggestions here would be:

  • link emails based on email subject line
  • relink all new emails based on when (=> date & nothing before = no older emails) an email had been linked to a new deal and also stop those new emails showing up in older linked deals
  • the above only works when we do one deal at a time with a client
  • BUT we have sometimes 5+ simultaneous open deals with same client with similar or same contact person/participants involved for which a custom link to deal function might be required: like (email subject line + from the date of linking to a new deal)
  • or emails can be linked/unlinked individually

Would like to hear if the community has any suggestions for the interim + ideas for a feature suggestion therefore.