Good afternoon Pipedrive team.

The reason for this is the possibility that they can evaluate to enable an option where there are records of the visits that one makes to the clients of a company, not only if you won or lost a sale, but what was agreed, with the The purpose is that in the search engine, when you put your name, all your information such as the company, your contact and your history of visits that has been made to you obviously appears. This will help a lot for large companies that have more than 1 assigned salesperson, since these companies (mining in my case) work with many people and there are times that I cannot follow up on what I was dealing with with the client, or the sheet that writes down what was discussed or that I was asked to quote is lost since in an area there may be more than 50 clients that may be negotiating. Well that's my contribution and I apologize for my English that I had to support myself with a translator.

Best regards.