We need some recommendation to setup Pipedrive custom fields, different pipelines and/or automation to work with a sale based on a contact in the following way:

  • We have a annual big deal o "main deal" (or whatever other time) from a company for a total amount of $$ or product/services to be "consumed" by independent deals or orders (sub-deal) that the sales rep will be managing in order to "win" each sub-deal.
  • For that reason, the sub-deal could be or not managed as a separate deal, but we need to have a relation with the main deal.
  • We want to record or track "big" contracts (main deal) as win/lost as well as "sub-deals" as independent by related to the big contract, also the sub-deals could be registered as win/lost in case that the company for example has an additional supplier. If this is too complex, you can take that sub-deals are just going to be won.
  • The most important part of the model is that when a sub-deal is won, it should substract the amount of "products" that are part of the "main deal", until there is no available products to sell or win.
  • In case that are additional products to be sold (this usually happens since the main deal it not that estrict) the sub-deals will be still related to the main deal, even when there is no available products to be taken.

These "deals" are managed by a unique owner and the sales activities conducted by him/she.
So, what should be a good starting point to set up:

  • Custom fields
  • One or different pipelines
  • Automation to make it work in this way

Any help to start modeling this would be much appreciated!