It's not too late! You have put 'Leads' on the nav-bar where 'Deals' has always been. That means I'm going to need to spend months retraining my muscle memory for no great reason. 

I've been using Pipedrive for years now. I live on the Deals page. Whenever I am somewhere else in the system and complete that task, I go back to Deals. Until now that was clicking on the right-most word on the nav-bar. Now, multiple times a day I land on Deals. Whether or not I decide to start using Deals is besides the point. This is super annoying. I cannot be alone.

PLEASE put Deals back where it belongs. Why must I now concentrate on what I am clicking on. It should be an automatic motion. Even for those who use Leads, I can't imagine they will need it as often as Deals.