The current plan for Monthly recurring revenue (MRR) / Subscriptions seems flawed. 

I have spoken to your support team, and they have enabled the MRR/Subscription beta for each deal. I am not sure what the thought process is here as it does not solve the lack adaptability in the software. 

In the current design of subscriptions, you'd have to manually enter the name, value and duration for every single subscription. So if you have 1 company in a deal and the opportunity is 5 subscriptions, you'd have to have 5 deals (imagine this at scale, or even just 20 opportunities (20 companies x 5 subscriptions = 100 deals). 

This is most certainly a flawed start to a NEED for any CRM. 

What needs to be achieved?

  • Products type - the ability to set a product (and it's price) to its type - Subscription (Monthly/ Annual) or One/Once off Payment (for product or service)
  • Deal value - Ability to know the MRR and OTR (One time revenue) per deal
  • Accounting is seamless - Ability to push products into invoice becomes super simple for MRR and OTR (see here for more details:
  • Reporting - Ability to know value of all deals (won, lost, open) for MRR and OTR
  • Reporting - Know which products are driving revenue MRR and OTR

If you make the change that a Product can have a type, everyone wins! You achieve everything that is happening now, more in depth reporting on what you're actually selling on each deal and in totality. 

Question's I foresee:

  1. What if they take 4 of the 5 subscriptions? Pipedrive already shows a change log in values when product are removed. They only need to add reporting (which I assume comes in insights). You can see this in every deal right now, this continues.
  2. Would each deal be an amalgamation of MRR & OTR? No, this needs to be pulled out as two value. Dev needed here but the flow already exists, they just add a filter.

Alternatively, the support team haven't shared the bigger picture and their is more here I cannot see yet?