Our organization frequently has multiple folks working on any given deal due to the scope of technical-design that our sales-org provides. This means that a sales-discovery call might have 2 folks on it at the same time. Of note; Our org uses our Google accounts to logon to PipeDrive

As the ultimate deal-owner, I'd like the ability to use the simultaneous editing features of a Google Doc to take 'multi-player' notes that are then fully represented in the PipeDrive timeline.

To provide greater clarity to this request I could see this being implemented as an 'embedded' mini-Google-Docs editor inside of a PipeDrive note, which when exiting the live-editing mode displayed the resultant text from the doc in the same way that a native PipeDrive note now does. There would be no need to display commentary from within the GoogleDoc, though that'd be a really cool thing if you could.

Our organization values using Google Docs to take our notes because:

  • You can live-edit a document with a co-worker, even if they're remote, which allows the 'note-taker' role to seamlessly flip back and forth between call participants
  • The ability to 'comment' on a particular piece of text is valuable to provide color to the particular word. If for instance a prospect put heavy emphasis on a pain point that wasn't obvious from a transcription, or if the other call participant had a contrasting impression of a note
  • The ability to 'suggest' edits to notes if another call participant had a different recollection or acronym expansion
  • The ability to 'ask questions' of the person leading the call in the notes'