Hello there ! 

I hope you are taking care of your health ! I wish sometimes in the near future you will develop an internal Chat in Pipedrive so employees can communicate between them about the deals. That would be fantastic. Imagine being able inside a deal that is followed by several people of the company to post a comment, ask a question, ask about an update (as the CEO) or simply communicate with another member of the team about the deal and keep track of the instructions given to a sales person in charge for example... That would really help. I don't know why it has not been developed already... Pipedrive is a GREAT team tool... We need to communicate between us without using external tools. We use so much What's App or Slack as a workaround solution... We would rather stay inside Pipedrive ! We have Email, Deals, Activities, Contacts and Products but no internal Chat. I feel it is a must have... Thanks !!