Hi all!

I have a client using Pipedrive who wants to set up a system like I have in another CRM (for creatives), whereby once you get a sale you can automate all the administration such as:

  1. once deal is marked as won email sent with scheduler for client to reserve training date.
  2. Once scheduler email sent a contract is sent which is auto-filled with client info, this contract can be signed digitally
  3. Once contract signed the following occurs:
  • invoice generated in Xero
  • Booking form sent with training schedule (client info auto-filled)
  • Task created in PD set for 14 days before training date to remind to do X
  • Reminders and Tasks can be automated and assigned to certain team members within PD

       4. Client contact details added to mailchimp specific list for follow up emails to be sent

I know some of this could be done integrating with Zapier but how would I integrate the contract signing and automate the filling in forms (ie a form is attached to the client and when it sends it auto fills the client details), is there any way of doing this?

Many thanks in advance