I have a couple of things that I need / would like to suggest.


1. Win Rate per stage: In the old reporting, I was able to see a report that would show the % Closed Won rate per stage. This was great so that I could apply the appropriate % probability of each stage in our sales pipeline (which in turn affects the $$ for forecasted deals). After switching to the new Insights reporting, I can't seem to accomplish this anymore. I can do a Conversion report that will tell me the conversion % from one stage to the next, but I want to know the conversion % to Won for each individual stage.


2. After speaking with support, I realized that an Average Sales Cycle report does NOT calculate from deal "Create Date" to deal "Closed Won" date, but rather by "time spent in each stage".  I need to be able to pull average sales cycle based on the time between create date and closed won date because sometimes deals linger, when they should be closed and then re-opened in the future, causing our average sales cycle to be inaccurate. I have one deal that wasn't properly closed lost in the past and now that it was Won, it is DRASTICALLY skewing my average sales cycle reporting and I have no way to correct it.